#UniteforPOW in Paris

From November 30 – December 11, world leaders are meeting in Paris at the COP21 UN Climate Change Conference to decide the future of a warming planet and how, as a global community, we’re going to address climate change. To us, this is the tipping point: will we continue business as usual and ignore this threat, or will we work together to reduce global carbon emissions and preserve this planet for future generations? These two weeks will give us all a glimpse into the future.

When you close your eyes and dream about the future, what kind of world do you hope your kids will inherit?

#UniteforPOW and speak up for the future of winter! Let world leaders know what kind of world you hope to pass on to the next generation. Post a photo, video, or simple statement with an answer that question using the hashtag #UniteforPOW. All submissions will appear on our global POW site, at http://protectourwinters.org/uniteforpow .

Thank you to our #RidersAlliance riders for sharing their hopes and dreams.