There is so much information out there, it’s tough to know what to do, much less know that you’re actually making a difference. We’ll make it super-easy for you. We’ve consolidated the best and most effective actions into one short list. Try the POW SEVEN once a month (or as often as you can) and you’ll make a difference.


We’re starting off with the toughest one, but arguably the most effective. Find out where your elected officials and election candidates stand on climate issues. Contact them. Ask them to take action on climate change and tell them they will lose your vote if they don’t have a climate action plan. Don’t vote for candidates that oppose action. Nature can’t vote but we can all vote for her.


Read as much as you can. Start here: Climate 101 by the Climate Reality Project, including a short video introduction by Bill Nye the Science Guy.  To go deeper, check out NASA’s global climate change facts. To stay up to date, read sites like and regularly. Then talk to people about what you are learning.


Each of us has unique power in some way. But it’s not always obvious. Think about how you can have the most impact on addressing climate change. Can you join your town council and get your town to embrace renewable energy? Are you a teacher or a journalist? Add climate science to the curriculum and to your reporting. Are you a pro athlete? Reach out to your peers and get them involved. Do you have a powerful friend? Talk to him or her. Are you a purchasing director? Ask suppliers what they are doing on climate change. Your big lever exists, you just have to find it.


Not everyone wants to hear it, but it’s important that we speak up about climate change to friends, family, coworkers, etc. Have a POW party. Share this list. Get everyone involved. Be the local climate activist. Contribute an article to your local paper – email us if you need help.


Ask your favourite businesses what they are doing to solve climate change. Ask the company you work for if they’re committed to running a sustainable business, working with like-minded partners and producing products that are environmentally responsible. Also ask if they are leveraging their corporate weight to influence policy. Tell them you’ll take your business to climate leaders.


Remember that your wallet is a powerful tool. Think about impacts and alternatives before you choose to consume or to travel by car or plane. Apply the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Insulate your house better and turn down the heat. Opt for local products, eat less meat, choose a green energy provider. In short, do all that you can. 


We are millions of mountain sports enthusiasts in Europe and around the world. With those numbers, our collective effort can be a major force in the climate movement. Your support of POW will help us consolidate our power and mobilize most effectively. Join us. Together we can Protect Our Winters.